Legal Name - Geoffrey Hansen
Date of Birth - September 1st
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 170 lbs.
Color Hair - Medium Brown
Color Eyes - Blue/Green
Hobbies - Reading, Study Martial Arts, & History
Favorite Drink - Coca Cola
Favorite Foods - Japanese, Korean, Chinese, & Filipino Cuisine
Favorite Color - Navy Blue
Favorite Resort Cities - Yokohama, Tochigi, Curacao, and Del Rio, Texas
Favorite Saying - "This too shall pass."
Favorite Male Singers - Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Bert Nievera, and Johhny Mathis
Favorite Female Singers - Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, Pilita Corrales, and Peggie Lee
Favorite Male Music Group - Ink Spots
Favorite Female Music Group - The Ronettes
Favorite Film Star - W.C. Fields
Favorite Comedians - Cantinflas, Dolphy, and Mort Sahl
Likes - Loyalty
Hates - Cheese, artichokes, loud & ill-mannered people
Main Virtues - Sensitivity, humility, creativity, and loyalty
Main Faults - Sensitivity, humility, creativity, and loyalty
Greatest Thrill - Working with Orson Welles in 1978
Greatest Triumph - Yet to come!
Greatest Inspiration - To make a contribution to society.
Greatest Fear - To fail
Greatest Secret -
Most Important Demands - Quality performance and loyal people to surround him
Perpetual Resolution - To continue
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