Here are just a few reasons why Geoffrey Hansen is an Entertainment Director's delight:

He travels with a complete, packaged and routined show that is sure-fire to appeal to your patrons, with varied tastes and preferences found among your audiences.

He's reliable, resourceful, personable and easy to work with.

People respond to him because they can identify with his cosmopolitan personality and sophisticated charm.

As a showman Geoffrey Hansen can sustain for a complete full-blown production or a short act tailored to your program requirements.

Geoffrey Hansen himself is a most effective attraction everywhere, from cab drivers to wealthy widows, young children or old uncles; rich or old, young or poor, he draws their attention and captures their imagination.

His performance is an outstanding array of artistic expression, diversified, colorful, and fast moving... with comedy, drama, mystery, action, audience participation, and absolute solid entertainment!

A man of extreme integrity, Geoffrey Hansen succeeds with talent, temperance, punctuality, and wholesome family material for the leading establishments in the world. He is a master showman who has been a star attraction in capital cities in entertainment meccas on an international scale.

Geoffrey Hansen will not only attract a tremendous amount of business for you, he will also satisfy your customers with an entertainment event they will never forget!

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