He started life left-handed, but was forced by schoolteachers to use his right hand; and these days uses both with equal ability.

He reads a book every day, and never reads fiction.

He never watches "current" TV programs like soap operas, dramas, games shows or comedies. Geoffrey only watches history, travel programs, or documentaries.

He does not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or gamble and has never drank a can of beer in his life!

In 1973 Geoffrey was banned from the casino at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe, Nevada despite the fact he is a non-gambler! Perhaps they thought he would cheat or affect the gamblers?

He was selling articles to national magazines as a teenager, and started having items published at 11 years old!

In his youth Geoffrey suffered both Tuberculosis and Rheumatic Fever. Years later he contracted Malaria while in Indonesia.

Geoffrey was shot-in-the-head while on stage of the Oakland Auditorium Theatre (now renamed Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center) Oakland California, May 31, 1972 during a performance. He attempted to catch a bullet in his teeth and was rushed to the Highland Hospital by Acme Ambulance Company.

To this very day Geoffrey has a scar on his forehead as a souvenir of that near fatal night.

Touring and performing shows throughout the world, country to country... when doing cross-country tours of the USA and Canada he would average 16 to 18 shows per week. Each tour would average 17,000 miles and 365 days!

Since the deaths of Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, Geoffrey Hansen is the most awarded showman alive today.

According to officials, Geoffrey Hansen receives more fan mail than all the stars in Las Vegas combined!

He receives fan mail from all over the world, but gets more from Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and Korea than other countries.

Many fans send drawings, sketches, and paintings knowing that Geoffrey is a serious collector of art and sculpture.

Geoffrey has composed music for his own shows, and music that has been used on television programs and TV commercials.

In the 1960's he became the first person in North America to become internationally famous with the name(s) "Geoffrey" and/or "Hansen."

His famous "raised eye-brow" of the 1960's has been copied in later years by actors and even athletes.

Geoffrey considers "Loyalty above all else."

In the early 1970's a manager embezzled him out of money... that manager later served time in prison for another charge. Ten years later he was embezzled again by another manager, who vanished and has never been heard of since.

Geoffrey has not only performed in nightclubs, theaters, and television in more countries and location than any entertainer in history... he has also been the producer of shows in more countries and locations than anybody in history!

Geoffrey sleeps only 3 hours per night average. Every few weeks he will sleep 5 hours!

While performing shows in Iceland a wild rumor spread that Geoffrey was of Icelandic ethnic heritage. He has denied this, but considers it a nice compliment.

Geoffrey is always neat and organized in every aspect of his life. While working with girl dancers he advised them on how to "hang up their clothes." Everything about him is orderly.

Geoffrey has performed many shows in Laredo, Texas over the years, and every time he has appeared there, something strange always happens!

No matter what country, city, town or village he visits, Geoffrey will always visit locations of historical interest as well as comb through antique shops and museums. He especially likes Oriental antique furniture.

Geoffrey collects antiques, paintings, sculpture and all works of art as well as cologne and after shave lotions.

Doing shows coast-to-coast and border-to-border in the USA, Geoffrey has appeared in every state except Alaska!

Worst locations he has visited... New London, Illinois and Eagle River, Wisconsin.

In 1989 and 1990 Geoffrey toured coast-to-coast in the USA and Canada presenting a promotional event where he would take a local radio personality, place them in a coffin buried alive for 48 hours.

This was followed by another event where he would take a person and place them in a 5,000-pound block of ice, -30 degrees for 48 hours. These were presented in major cities and covered by the media in each community.

Just think, at any hour of the day or night someplace, somewhere in the world, somebody is watching Geoffrey on television. There is also somebody writing a fan letter at any hour... as the mail pours into his office reaching sometimes thousands of letters per week!

On December 6, 1967 Geoffrey was strapped into a regulation straightjacket by law enforcement officials and hung upside down in Oakland, California ... he escaped in 4.5 seconds for a world's record as seen on NBC Television.

Geoffrey Hansen was the first person in history to be called "World's Greatest Escape Artist." Houdini in his lifetime was called a "Self Liberator."

As a showman Geoffrey Hansen has hit the front pages of newspapers around the world more than any other magician in the past forty years!

Geoffrey was the first magician in history to use a fog machine, laser lights and quadraphonic sound system in his shows.

He was the first magician to use a helicopter, explosives, and raging fire in his TV specials around the world.

Geoffrey is known for his costumes, quick-changes, and in the 1970's had on spectacular tuxedo valued at $10,000. Even his black tuxedos cost an average of $2,000, being made of silk & mohair or silk & cashmere blends.

In the 1960's you couldn't walk into a store and get a ruffled tuxedo shirt. With Geoffrey's appearances on television his custom made shirts with ruffles and lace created a "demand" with the public. As a result, by the 70's you cold get them in every city or town in North America!

Geoffrey's TV appearances also introduced two expressions into the conversations of North Americans.
-People used to say, "Have a nice day," or "Have a good day." It was Geoffrey Hansen whom coined the phrase "Have a good one."
-Geoffrey also used in both his live shows and TV appearances a new phrase; "I'll introduce you to your future ex-wife." The original term, "future ex-wife" caught on too!

In the USA in the 1970's the network television show "McMillian & Wife" which stared Rock Hudson and Susan St. James used the names of magicians Charles Carter, Howard Thurston, etc. The name "Geoffrey Hansen" was the only living magician's name the writers used!

He hates to have people try and make jokes with him ... especially if the attempt at humor is not funny!

Hearing "Can you make my wife disappear" ... or ... "Can you change the weather by magic" hundreds of times each week for the past forty years is too much for anybody!

Geoffrey Hansen likes martial arts more than any other sports. He is a high-ranking Black Belt Karate expert, having received his training and certification in the Orient. He trains every day no matter where he might be.

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