See Geoffrey Hansen perform some of the most amazing feats of magic ever presented. A "Whirlwind of Wizardry" with appearances, disappearances and transformations: ten surprises in ten seconds! An outstanding show designed to instill mystery and wonder for the entire family. You will be astounded by the spine-tingling guillotine, or French instrument of death, the spellbinding levitation of a beautiful girl under a hypnotic spell... the fantastic triple transposition, exchange in three seconds... and with excitement, as before you eyes he escapes from handcuffs (they remain still locked shut!), ropes, chains and straight jacket in full view of the audience (Houdini did not allow the audience to view the methods of many of his feats)... and other outstanding mysteries.

Do you believe in mind reading? Geoffrey Hansen will convince you! This entertaining performance delves into the mysteries and magic of the mind with actual demonstrations of mind reading, thought projection psychic tests and hypnotism with members of the audience! Thousands have said that the mind reading alone was worth the entire price of admission. Do not take their word for it, see for yourself. Have you not thrilled, as millions have, to Geoffrey's sensational and uncanny demonstrations of mind reading?

This is a complete package show of entertainment for the entire family, actually three shows in one; magic and escapes along with hypnotism and mind reading. Don't miss it.

Presenting a fast moving, diversified, and entertaining performance be it a ten minute spot or two hour show.

Geoffrey Hansen has performed his shows under more varied conditions, circumstances and location in more countries and in more venues than not only any magician in the 3,500 year old recorded history of the Art of Magic... but, also more than any entertainer in the history of entertainment period!

Transformations, Comedy, Magic, Novelty, Illusions, Skill, Quick Changes and Transfigurations Extraordinary.

A Bomb of Enchantment
An Explosion of Bewilderment

The most traveled theatrical organization in the world!

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