Over the years, we are always surprised at the rather strange and unusual things people have said to Geoffrey Hansen. You could fill a book. The following are just a few:

Once in a hotel lobby an elderly lady said, "Oh, you're a magician. I remember when I was a little girl my father took my sisters and me to see Geoffrey Hansen at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles." (To date, Geoffrey has never performed there!)

Once a lady said, "So you are a magician, what name do you use?" When he replied, "Geoffrey Hansen," she said, "Does he let you use his name?"

Another time a guy came up and said, "Yes, you do look a little like Geoffrey Hansen. I bet you wish you really were him!"

One fellow said, "He's been telling people for so long that he is Geoffrey Hansen, he is starting to believe it himself."

Another misguided soul said, "You can't possibly be Geoffrey Hansen, you are not old enough to be him!"

A man made the observation, "There is a magician doing shows in Hawaii and he calls himself Geoffrey Hansen. You can't both be him."

An angry man came up and stated, "Can't you get into trouble for what you are doing, using Geoffrey Hansen's name!"

Several years ago a man looked at an old photograph of Geoffrey and made the remark, "That is not you ... that is your father!"

The most often heard comment is, "If you really were Geoffrey Hansen, what would you be doing here?"

Another one said, "He can't be Geoffrey Hansen, I thought he was bigger than that."

A woman announced, "I don't know who you are, but I know you are not Geoffrey Hansen."

Another woman said, "You really look the part of Geoffrey Hansen."

Another person said, "So you do magic, huh? Maybe someday you'll be as good as Geoffrey Hansen. Now wouldn't that be something?"

One misguided soul said, "You do magic? Would Geoffrey Hansen be one of your idols? Is that why you try to look like him?"

These are just a few of the hundreds of strange things the public has said over the years.

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