Outline of trade shows and conventions using product-oriented magic

1) Geoffrey Hansen tells a product story and delivers a sales message while creating a magical theme which illustrates what he is saying.

2) He creates these magic effects using the actual product whenever possible.

3) Geoffrey Hansen originates custom designed magical effects to fit each client's needs.

4) He incorporates the client's "buzz words" and key phrases or slogans, etc., into each magical effect.

5) Geoffrey Hansen uses audience participation techniques as a device for getting the prospective customers to think concretely about their own needs for the client's service or products.

6) He develops not less than three separate acts, sets or presentations, which he presents in rotation during the engagement.

7) Geoffrey Hansen always appears in full costume!

8) This master showman presents a sophisticated, educational, and amazing performance, which has high retention value for the prospective customer.

9) Geoffrey Hansen presents his sales pitch as "entertainment" yet he never at any time strays from the client's theme or message.

10) Geoffrey Hansen is also the easiest showman to work with, offering a strong attraction and f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e conditions!

Geoffrey Hansen (a very special magician) can sell any product with magic. He is the magician with flair when it comes to creative selling. The "unusual" sells and magician Geoffrey Hansen is the "unusual" when it comes to selling with magic.

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